How are pencil refills and wooden cases assembled?


As we all know, a general pencil is composed of a cylindrical refill and a hollow hexagonal cylindrical pen holder. Do you know how the refill is combined with the pen holder?
Many people think that the wooden pen holder should be made first, and then the refill should be inserted. But if you find it carefully, you will see that the pen core and the wooden shell are closely pasted, basically leaving no gap; Moreover, the refill is very easy to break, and it is difficult to ensure that the refill is continuously inserted.

Is there any other way?
Someone observed one end of the pencil with a magnifying glass and found that there was a line on the cross section of the top of the pencil, and then the wood color and texture on both sides of the line were different.

This shows that a pencil is composed of two separate pen holders and a refill in the middle, which is not what we generally think.

This story actually reminds us that if we observe a thing from a single perspective or inherent cognition, the judgment is often wrong.

There is a saying in the Godfather: a person who can see through the essence of things in a second is doomed to a different fate from a person who can't see the essence of things in a lifetime.
How can we observe things like a master and see the essence of things at a glance? Here are three ways:
First, observe a thing from different perspectives.
Take a pencil as an example. If you only look at the shape of a pencil, you may not find anything, but if you consider it from another angle, such as material, you will find new things.
The lead of the pencil is black and soft, while the pen holder is white and hard. The two are complementary heterogeneous elements, which are combined together. In this regard, can you speculate on a phenomenon: to form a balanced thing, there need to be two or more heterogeneous elements.
Let's look at other things. Do they have common characteristics?
For example, Jin Yong's novels have both hard martial arts and soft love for children. When combined, they are a soul stirring story.

Many times, our life is not lack of good things, but lack of eyes to find good things.
Second, observe the different levels of a thing.

If you have eaten stewed chicken and rice, you will find the sauce very delicious, which is basically the soul of the whole dish; Moreover, when you go to all chicken and rice chains, you taste the same.
Then one day you want to cook chicken and rice at home. You searched many people's recipes on the Internet. As a result, it's not the taste of the hotel.

Because you only know the ingredients and ingredients of chicken and rice, but you don't know the key ingredients. As for the ingredients, you can't know, because you know, can you make braised chicken rice?
A thing has different levels. Ordinary people only see the surface, but experts will see hidden things, such as ingredients that make chicken and rice rich.
These hidden things, you will not learn from books, will not see from the network, are often a summary of experience.

Third, observe things with modular thinking.

What is modularity? In short, a thing in your eyes is just composed of several modules.

For example, a dish consists of ingredients, ingredients, Kitchenware and cooking techniques;

Learning basketball includes learning hard skills such as footwork and shooting, as well as soft skills such as on-the-spot skills, tactics and physical fitness.

When you split it into modules, you can optimize and improve each module, and combine modules according to your own needs. Many times, innovation occurs here.

For example, the most famous iPhone, Jobs said at the release conference that the iPhone is just a combination of telephone, iPod and Internet communication.

When you look at the world with modular thinking, the world is no longer the original world.