What kind of pencil is suitable for your children?


In the golden autumn of September, at the beginning of school, children began to carry schoolbags to school. Baoma also began to buy all kinds of stationery for children. I believe Baoma knows that they need to buy pencils at all ages. But how to choose the various pencils on the market?

1、 Let's first understand the development history of pencils.
The earliest pencil was called a charcoal stick, which was made of graphite mixed with a variety of substances and could be directly used for writing!
A hundred years later, Americans invented the idea of embedding a charcoal stick into a wooden stick for easy holding and writing. First, you don't have to take a big charcoal stick. Second, you won't get your hands dirty. However, the most primitive wooden pencil only embedded the pencil lead into two cut wooden sticks. There was no fixed shape. It slowly developed into a later round wooden stick.
With the gradual popularization of pencils and the convenience of pencils, people have slowly invented all kinds of pencils: round, hexagonal, oval, regular hexagonal, triangular

2、 For all kinds of pencils, I think different ages buy different styles of pencils!
1. For the first grade students, I think we can choose the triangle pencil without pattern.
For the first grade students, the pen holding posture has not been stably formed. Choosing triangular pencil can correct the child's pen holding posture. Because the three sides of the triangular pencil exactly correspond to the holding posture of the three fingers. The hexagonal pencil is suitable for practicing calligraphy! Because it's convenient! For example, if you practice writing thick on one side of the refill, you can turn the angle and continue to write.

In addition, triangular pencils have better placement stability than other types of pencils, which is why carpenters like to use triangular pencils for marking! It doesn't roll easily. Children don't worry about falling to the ground after writing in class! Therefore, when our two babies were in the first grade, I used triangular pencils to correct and consolidate their pen holding posture.

On the other hand, I think when choosing pencils, we should choose pencils without patterns.
Now the outer packaging of many pencils is full of temptation. What's happy? There are bears, Dora and Mickey's label patterns. Many children like the patterns, not the refills. A variety of cartoon animation patterns will make children pay attention to cartoon patterns in class and have no mind for class. Therefore, when parents choose, they should slightly consider the appearance pattern and combine it with the interior.

2. For second grade students, I think it is more practical to choose hexagonal pencils.

For children in grade two, the pen holding posture has been basically finalized. Compared with grade one, homework also begins to increase. If you still choose a triangular pencil, it is not convenient for writing speed. Trigonal pencils can't be turned at will, while hexagonal pencils can be turned at will. When writing, you can turn the thick refill at one side. Why not choose a round pencil at this time, because the round pen holder is easy to roll and fall off the bottom when placed, resulting in the fracture of the refill. For second graders, in order to avoid this, the hexagonal pencil rod is not easy to roll or even fall on the desktop.

3. For students above grade three, I think it is more appropriate to choose a round pencil with an eraser.

The third grade students have begun to use the black signature pen and gradually get used to the round pen holder. The third grade students' pen holding posture has been basically finalized, so there is no need to use triangular pencils. Third graders can sell pencils by themselves, and can pack and keep stationery by themselves, so they no longer need hexagon to prevent rolling. However, students above grade 3 use pencils less frequently, so I suggest that students above grade 3 can choose a round pencil with an eraser. A pencil with an eraser is convenient for students to erase it immediately if they don't draw well when drawing.

Later: Although pencils have different shapes and types, through the above analysis, I believe that all parents have their own choices.